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CHI 2013 参加報告

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 Mehdy CHAILLOU(The University of Tokyo)

This year held in Paris at “Palais des Congres” between April 29th and
May 2nd, the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
is the premier international conference on human-computer interaction. CHI
2013 was about “changing perspectives”, drawing from the constantly
changing perspectives of the diverse CHI community and beyond.
This year’s CHI beat a record in attendance with more than 3400 people
coming from all over the world and a schedule made of sixteen parallel
events (Paper presentations, Panels, Courses, SIGs and special events),
seven times a day, with additional poster presentations, video
presentations and demos during coffee breaks. Days 3 and 4 ended with Job
fairs that included Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, Google, Yahoo and many
other sponsors present. In this context, the iPhone/iPad/Android apps and
innovative public displays were very useful to the visitors for schedules
and maps.
A special keynote was also given by Vint Cerf from Google (“father” of
the internet), looking at the past and future of Computer-Human
Among submitted presentations and works from The University of Tokyo,
Yuki Ban and Takuji Narumi (Hirose-Tanikawa laboratory) have given a
presentation on Controlling Fatigue by Affecting Weight Perception using
Virtual Reality. Keita Higuchi and Jun Rekimoto (Rekimoto laboratory)
also presented their works on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control called
Flying Head. Other prestigious Japanese universities (such as UEC, Ocha no
Mizu) and companies (NTT Labs, Sony,..) were also present at CHI for
papers, demos and poster presentations.
Many publications focused on displays (Nail display, Very large displays,
and extensions like the IllumiRoom augmenting the area surrounding a
television screen with projected visualizations) and social interactions
(Youtube, Facebook studies). Many projects that obtained an honorable
mention (such as GravitySpace, pressure-sensing of users in a smart room)
were also innovative and interesting. The increasing number of demos and
showcases during breaks at this year’s CHI was also well received by the
attendance. With nearly 2000 papers and an acceptance rate of 19%, CHI
2013 enabled (both in quantity and quality) the display of high-quality
projects from its presenters.
Next year’s CHI 2014 “One of a CHInd” will focus on diversity in the
field of Computer-Human interactions, and will be held in Toronto, Canada
from April 26th to May 1st, 2014.
More information at http://chi2014.acm.org/


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