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About VRSJ

Last Update: 2012/01/13

The Virtual Reality Society of Japan (VRSJ) was originally established on May 27, 1996, with the aim of contributing to the technology and culture of virtual reality (VR). On June 7, 2005, it was restructured as a non-profit organization (NPO).

The VRSJ engages in the following activities:

  1. Publishing journals and transactions
  2. Distributing information via Internet and e-mail
  3. Organizing conferences, academic lectures, VR culture forums, and seminars
  4. Co-hosting VR workshops and VR contests for students
  5. Promoting international cooperation and holding international conferences (e.g., ICAT, IEEE-VR)
  6. Setting up special interest groups on research

Description of main activities:

Hosting the VRSJ General Assembly (March)

Hosting the Virtual Reality Society of Japan Annual Conference (academic lectures) (Autumn)

This event is held once a year and features lectures relating to VR technology as well as experiments and art demonstrations.

Publishing Transactions of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan

Issued four times a year (March, June, September, December)
This publication draws together a wide variety of articles covering the entire VR field, such as articles (papers on fundamentals, applications, and content) submitted by VRSJ members, review papers by specialists focused on specific academic topics as well as short reports consisting primarily of brief papers on VR fundamentals, applications, and content. It also includes papers on featured topics and general subjects.

Publishing the Journal of the Virtual Reality Society of Japan

Issued four times a year (March, June, September, December)
This journal includes VR technology-related features incorporating a diversity of viewpoints, reports on VRSJ events, reports on participation in various meetings and events, research lab profiles, and book reviews.

Information distributed electronically via the website

The website makes information on VRJS activities available not only to the society’s members, but also to anyone interested in VR throughout the world.

Newsletter publication

In order to keep its members informed of the society’s activities more frequently than the Journal makes possible, the VRSJ issues a newsletter (approximately once a month). The newsletter, distributed to members by email, contains information related to VR and enables them to keep abreast of trends and current activities in VR both in Japan and internationally. The newsletter is also available by fax or postal mail, if so desired (email is normally used).

Support for research committees

VRSJ has established various committees relating to research in the field of VR.

International conferences

Hosting ICAT and holding IEEE-VR (formerly VRAIS), and ASIAGRAPH
VRSJ engages in international activities such as co-hosting ICAT (International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence) and VSMM (Virtual Systems and Multi Media).

Conducting workshops, seminars, inspection tours, etc. (sporadically)

Support for various symposiums and events held by different academic societies (sporadically)
Co-hosting of VR contests and VR workshops
Planning and hosting of seminars and symposiums

About the VRSJ logo:

Creator: Yasushi Harada (University of Tsukuba)
Creator’s comment:
The logo expresses the symmetry between the real and virtual worlds. I used only straight lines in an attempt to produce a powerful image of energy gushing upwards. While the design itself does not carry much deep meaning, I placed emphasis on ensuring the form could be easily recognizable, regardless of background image.